Helga Zahn







In memory of Helga Zahn


Ralph Turner, 1976

"From the outset of her career Helga Zahn has questioned the accepted values of jewellery. Like many of her contemporaries she is not given to compromise but makes decisive and often defiant statements.


In her attempt to question the inherited principles of the jeweller, she is not subservient to the precious nature of traditional materials. The warmth of silver and the glamour of gold are used without timidity or coyness, but her work with other natural materials such as pebbles and bone shows a respect for the earthīs resources regardless of the intrinsic value man may have given them."


Wendy Ramshow, 1990

"When I first exhibited at the Pace Gallery in 1969, Ralph Turner spoke highly of Helga Zahnīs work and her professional attitudes. Because she worked with Graphic design, as well as jewellery, she took the time and trouble to have good pictures taken of her work. In this respect she had much more advanced attidudes to record-making than other jewellers working in London at the time.

A visit to the Ewan Philipps Gallery, London (1967) enabled me to see her work for the first time. It was displayed in the small basement gallery along with the jewellery of other artists who were also developing ideas for contemporary jewellery in new an unconventional ways. Outstanding amongst the works on display was a distinctive collection of large neckpieces and rings made by Helga Zahn. The designs demonstrated strong, clear, positive commitment to the ideas contained within the pieces."